10 Summer Snack Essentials To Pack In Your Purse

Over the summer, we're constantly on the move — whether it's popping over to post-work drinks or traveling outside the city limits for fresh air weekend excursions. And with all this busy bopping around, the quest to stay hydrated and fueled can become quite a struggle. We either end up stuck somewhere parched and with rumbling stomaches, OR we find ourselves impulsively blowing just a little too much of our budget on packaged and bottled goods.
But not this summer. Five bucks for a bottled water? We'll be taking a hard pass. This season we're going to stay at the top of our snack game and far away from those pricey food-trap locations (we're looking at you airport shops and corner bodegas). What's our game plan? Purse snacks! We've rounded up ten packable noshing items that are compact enough to fit in your bag for on-the-go ease — from bite-sized healthy packaged grub to the reusable (and foldable) containers to store them in. Scroll on and let the warm days ahead be filled with fuel and fun.

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