Kick That Seamless Habit — 10 Healthy Lunches You CAN Make

Photographed by Sarah Anne Ward.
Sometimes, we look at our takeout orders and realize just how much we're paying for what could be defined as junk food. Food trucks and deli meals aren't exactly the healthiest options, and those Chipotle burritos definitely aren't doing us any favors.
So we teamed up with nutritionist Lisa Sasson, RD, to tackle that problem, crafting a two-week healthy lunch plan that even the busiest workaholic can pull off with ease (leftovers from last night's takeout don't count). While a lot of people pack their lunch, "The real challenge is getting people to eat more fruits and vegetables," Sasson explains. People tend to fall into the same not-so-healthy routine, rotating between "the same three things." Sasson recommends aiming for at least two or three vegetables during your lunch hour.
We had Sasson create 10 easy recipes that balance out a number of vegetables, healthy fats, protein, and good sources of carbohydrates. Each recipe works off a previous day's lunch to simplify the cooking process and maximize nutrition. Start your week by checking off your grocery list and you'll find yourself slowly coming off of your Seamless addiction.
*Note: For vegetarians, swap out chicken and tuna for your choice of tofu, seitan, vegetarian patties, or even roasted chickpeas.

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