5 Delish Desserts That Won't Blow Your Diet

It’s day six of of sticking to your healthy-eating resolutions, and you’re ready to throw up your little white flag while simultaneously digging into a brownie sundae. Yeah, we were there yesterday, which is why we had to find an alternative. Enter, this life-changing list of five delish desserts made right here in the 305 that won't…wait for it…kill your diet. We have something for all you ice cream, brownie, and crêpe (yes, a healthy crêpe!) lovers out there, looking to make it past the breaking point. Oh yeah, and some of these companies deliver. Sweet!
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Bunnie Cakes
A local mom started her vegan bakery when she realized there were no healthy sweets available in Miami to her children. Armed with her grandmother’s recipe, owner Mariana has created a line of vegan and gluten-fee treats that include brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. And she delivers, too.

Available at Bunnie Cakes.

Photo: Courtesy of Bunnie Cakes.
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Ginny Bakes
Sometimes our sugar cravings hit during the wee hours of the night. Okay, maybe that happens more often than not. Forgo grabbing the Pillsbury dough in exchange for Ginny Bakes locally made mixes. The organic cookies, brownies, muffins, and biscotti are made with better-for-you ingredients like flax seed meal, cane sugar, gluten-free flour, and oats. The best part? You can buy the packages at places like Lester’s, Fresh Market, and Epicure and just pop them in the oven whenever you need a fix.

Available at Ginny Bakes.

Photo: Courtesy of Ginny Bakes.
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Life Food Gourmet Sweet Crepe
If you’re trying to keep a raw diet, the man you need to know is John Schott. How he makes uncooked meals taste so delicious remains a mystery. The Colombia native’s latest invention is the Sweet Crepe. The actual crepe is made of flax seeds, cinnamon, and coconut oil, while the inside cream is made with nut milk, vanilla, and palm sugar nectar. Top with organic fruits, this nutritious dessert is where it’s at.

Available at Life Food Gourmet, 1248 SW 22 Street; 305-856-6767.

Photo: Courtesy of Life Food Gourmet.
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Real Sorbet
This family-owned business makes small batches of fruity sorbets all by themselves. Don’t expect to find corn, syrup, or artificial sweeteners in these frosty treats. Filter water, pesticide-free fruits, and pure cane sugar are the only ingredients used. Track the Real Sorbet cart down on Twitter, where they post they’re daily whereabouts.

Photo: Courtesy of Real Sorbet.
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Created by a local entrepreneur, this nifty invention makes soft serve ice cream out of bananas. The texture is exactly what you would expect and the taste is pretty amazing — and, surprisingly, not too banana-y. You can throw in other fruits to mix it up or top your sundae with dark chocolate for a little extra kick. But seriously, all you need is bananas.

Available at Yonanas.

Photo: Courtesy of Yonanas.

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