Check Out Your New TV BFFs At Last Night’s Girls Premiere

Last night, the girls of Girls turned out on the red carpet and left all the traces of their struggling-to-make-ends-meet T.V. lives at home. Instead, they marched down the red carpet in gowns (some glittery, some velvet, some preppy and sophisticated) and showed their awkward characters who's boss. Sure, Lena Dunham must be getting a bit used to this by now, but at least for the time being they can revel in their relative aw-so-cute newbie status. Plus, we just devoured the first three episodes, and we couldn't help but suspect that Judd Apatow had been secretly filming our own lives. Laughing at Lena, Jemima, Zosia, and Allison feels like laughing at our peccadillos, including the too-true-to-life unpaid internships, shit-head fuck buddies, "which Sex-and-the-City character are you" conversations, and yes, even opium tea.
Click through for our favorite snaps of the night.
Photos: Rex USA

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