Handsome Men Shaving In The Woods: Need We Say More?

We love a company with a conscience, so it's no surprise that we're big fans of Harry's, a purveyor of men's razor blades that aims to give guys a great shave at a fair price. (We care about any brand that cares about the men in our lives, right?)
But we really, officially, fell head over heels for Harry's when we came across this totally out-of-the-box, strangely endearing lookbook for its fall collection. You read that right — razors are now on par with designer clothing and your man needs a new one seasonally.
Razor hues aside, the images from the lookbook, featuring guys shaving in a variety of, uh, rustic locations are charming and comical — if not just sliiiightly unrealistic. Either way, you don't see us complaining. Camping trip, anyone?

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