Happy Socks Sets The Standard With A Collab With The Standard Hotel

We do love a good collaboration, and we love it even more when the equation involves names that we genuinely like. We don't know what possessed a hotel and a sock company to join forces but we are extremely pleased at the end result: trippy patterned socks that we can't wait to pair with our platforms and brogues. The were developed by Happy Socks specifically for, where else, the Standard Hotel (this is the same stayery that put Johnny Weir on ice for NYFW), with two designs for every Standard location in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Miami Beach, and, but of course, right here in New York. So if ever you find yourself in dire need of socks, just pop open the mini-bar and grab a pair. You have to admit, it's a clever way to glove your tootsies, bar none (and we do mean that literally).
Happy Socks, $12, available at The Standard.

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