6 Recipes To Cure Your Hangover

Would you describe the past couple of days as a "booze cruise?" The holidays are like that — and New Year’s Eve is definitely a night when you can go, um, overboard. The party may have been epic, but today’s hangover sucks. Seriously, what's with the insatiable appetite and unquenchable thirst? Plus, everything you do seems way more difficult than usual. Even showering hurts. In other words, you need the lazy-girl guide to just about everything in your life. And, you better believe that includes some no-nonsense breakfast foods.
We found ourselves in the market for some easy, delicious recipes for those roughest of mornings, and America's Test Kitchen hooked us up. Ahead, six morning-after recipes you can totally handle — even with a raging headache. Maybe just pop a couple Advil first.

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