This Moisturizing Glove Might Be The Answer To Your Cracked-Hands Dilemma

Valentine's Day may be right around the corner, but at this point in the winter, we're not exactly into handholding. Our paws are looking (and feeling) pretty darn scaly and dry. And, this season in particular, the frigid temps of the polar vortex have hit us so hard, not even our most reliable heavy-duty handcreams are fit for the job.
So, we called in the big guns in the form of a salon-quality paraffin treatment that promised to not only hydrate our hands, but keep 'em looking smooth, silky, and all-around youthful. We tapped our senior beauty editor Megan — who was battling a wicked case of the red, painful, cracked hands — to give this moisture-rich mitten a go. Check it out, above.
Glove Treat For Hands, $40, available at Glove Treat.

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