7 Hair-Removal Confessions That Are Too Relatable

Photographed by Ana Cuba.
Hair covers almost all of the human body, except for the palms of our hands, soles of our feet, lips, that sort of thing. In that sense, none of these "weird" places that we’ve removed hair from are weird at all. We are hairy beings; it’s a fact of life, and hair has served both sexes well in evolutionary terms. It's only recently that standards have shifted.
Now, women are expected to be hairless, except for their eyebrows, eyelashes, and head hair, and men are free to roam around with theirs, accepting compliments on density with total nonchalance. That said, I quite like the act of removing hair — I have a very nice relationship with my bikini waxer who also does my threading, I like shaving my underarms and watching the hair disappear, shaving my legs is a small yet satisfying task akin to drawing a little doodle, and plucking my bikini line between waxes is my kind of ASMR.
It's the rest of it that bothers me — the hair that appears in places not listed on the beautician's treatment list, the unexpected, special-request stuff that requires whole new levels of time, commitment and expertise for women who choose to remove it. Ahead, seven women share their tales of hair removal in so-called uncharted territory.

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