Hair Care Made Specifically For Los Angelenos

LA kids, beware: Strong UV rays, pollution, and harsh minerals found in tap water are damaging to your hair! OK, that was a tad dramatic, but it's true that these daily environmental factors of living in L.A. can take a toll on your mane. Don't worry, we're not suggesting an immediate evacuation. Beauty industry vets, Tom Lux and Doug Finelli, have come up with L.A. Formula, a perfect (and more sensible) solution to caring for your hair. The new line of shampoos and conditioners was designed specifically to protect your hair from L.A. smog and harmful UV rays with residue-free sunscreen and whey protein to lock in moisture. Along with protecting your hair, each aluminum bottle is also made with ecofriendly materials. OK, it's safe to leave your apartment now... (Daily Candy)

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