5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 05 2012

Alexander McQueen was known to step outside of fashion’s well-treaded textile territory, having used a variety of unconventional materials in his collections. See what sugary confection was used to create this rainbow McQueen-inspired dress weighing 220 pounds. (Twelv Mag)
Gwynnie and Goop debut a clothing line with a plain white tee. Yes, really, just a basic T-shirt. Practical? Sure. Groundbreaking? Less so. (Racked)
One 14-year-old girl, Julia Bluhm, won our hearts (and Gloria Steinem’s), when she got over 84,000 signatures on an online petition that asked Seventeen magazine to change a certain industry-standard practice. Now, the teen mag is finally promising to oblige. (Mommyish)
Ever think about what someone (read: potential mate) could surmise about you based on that playlist you’ve been jamming to? Turns out the music collection is the new medicine cabinet, rife with information about relationship potential. (Flavorwire)
If you recently saw Wes Anderson’s visually masterful film, Moonrise Kingdom, and need another fix of the director’s signature style, here are 10 TV commercials that he’s directed over the years. (AdWeek)
gummy bear dress

Photo: Via Twelv Mag

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