How To Conquer Your Pixie’s Awkward Phase

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Growing out your hair can be seriously hellish at any length, but starting from a pixie is its own brand of awful. In fact, it's likely the reason why so many people tend to shy away from this super-short (and, also, super-trendy) crop. But, as we've seen on a bunch of celebrities lately, you can actually take your pixie from ear length to shoulder length without crying yourself to sleep every night. "Your grow-out phase actually starts with your haircut," says celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran, who is responsible for Coco Rocha's ever-changing hair.
So, before you even go in for your initial cut, you should be planning how you want your hair to grow out. And, while Tran suggests sourcing your style from Pinterest, he has the secret to the perfect pixie himself. "The last cut I gave [Rocha] before she started growing it out, we kept the back short and left the top long," Tran says. "Then, for every trim, we just kept trimming up the back while the sides and top stayed long."
In addition to keeping the back of your mane short, Tran advises trimming out the bulk of the hair. "People get discouraged because, when you're growing out a pixie, it can tend to get bulky and look like you're wearing a helmet," he says. "So, when you go in for a trim, ask your stylist to take out the weight of the style, and then just keep taking the neckline up." Your pro can easily de-bulk your style with some thinning shears, so you're not losing the overall shape of your style.
This may seem counterintuitive (why cut your hair when you're trying to grow it out?), but it's actually pretty genius. As the top of your mop grows, the back of your hair will stay shorter, creating a seamless turn into an asymmetrical bob. Once the back of your mane reaches a length you feel comfortable with, you can even out the front if you want.
And, when your hair is actually growing? Tran suggests getting crafty with your 'do. "[Rocha] has been slicking it back a lot," he says. "She loves to style her own hair, which is lucky. You need to be willing to get a little creative while you grow out." Tran recommends smoothing it back on the sides, while leaving the top free, and pulling out your headbands.
"It's also so important to condition your hair," Tran says. "Healthy hair grows. If your hair gets dry and broken, no matter how long you've been trying to grow it out, it's going to break." And, at the end of the day, remember: It's just hair. It will grow back, but with these tips, it will be a heckuva lot less awkward. Let's hear it for small miracles!

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