Grey Gardens Frame by Frame, Tavi Ages, and Brutality at the Mall

grey-gardens-link-photo-1.jpgBlackburn + Sweetzer breaks down Grey Gardens frame by frame. Thank God for Tivo, hunh? (Blackburn + Sweetzer)
Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami create the first designer QR sales code, bringing cuteness and art to the process of scanning and paying. (Gizmodo)
Dear Dov Charney, if you love Woody Allen, why you gotta hate on him like that? (Animal)
Not only is Audrey Tautou the on-screen face of Coco Chanel the historical figure, she's now the print face of Chanel the fragrance. (Yahoo)
Get ready to chuckle silently in your cubicle, the spoof industry broadsheet, WWWWD that surfaced during Fashion Week will return in bi-weekly form starting next month. (The Cut)
Mini style blogger Tavi turns 13, officially becoming a teenager and quips, "I FEEL OLD, GUYZ," which, in turn, makes us feel really old. (Style Rookie via Teen Vogue)
Lesley Arfin tracks down one of our fave style bloggers, the elusive Knight Cat. (Missbehave)
Violence, blood, severed appendages—it's just another day around the sales bin. (Shine)

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