Sip In Style With This Great Gatsby Homage Cocktail

There's something about this almost-warm weather that makes us long for the languid days of summer more than we have all winter. Yacht parties, fizzy drinks, life-changing love affairs with wealthy and doomed gentleman of leisure... Well. We can dream. But, at least the fizzy-drink part is doable.
In celebration of The Great Gatsby film's upcoming premiere, mixology guru Jim Meehan teamed with Moët & Chandon to craft this bubbly blend — The Moët Imperial Gatsby. A twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail (a roaring-twenties favorite), this drink adds green chartreuse and a twist of lime in reference to the characters' preferred spirit, and that ever-present green light, illuminating their garden parties.
The drink is available exclusively at The Plaza hotel — but we've got the recipe right here. Step up your cocktail hour with this simple-chic quaff, and daydream of all the summer parties to come.
5 oz Moët Imperial
1 sugar cube soaked in .25 oz Green Chartreuse
One spiral lime twist
Drop pre-soaked sugar cube into a champagne flute or wine glass. Fill to the top with chilled champagne. Garnish with the lime spiral twist, and serve.
Photographed by Maria del Rio; Photographed by Nick Brown, Courtesy of Moët & Chandon

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