Connie Tries It: Will This Peel-Off Mask Perfect Her Skin?

Ah, the quest for perfect skin. Between lasers, peels, and a bevy of newfangled products, it seems that some women will do or try anything to get that perfect glow. Our favorite method of attack? A relaxing, prettifying beauty mask. It may not make us look like insta-Cara Delevingne, but the right treatment can do wonders to hydrate, purify, and brighten skin — in only about fifteen minutes. We appreciate long-term investments into skin care, but really, we're admittedly still suckers for instant gratification.
So, with this in mind, we were intrigued when Grand Central Beauty's new S.M.A.R.T. mask made its debut on our desk. This peel-off treatment claims to do it all: smooth, moisturize, fight aging, reduce redness, and tone. Perfection, right? To see if this mix-it-yourself mask lives up to its lofty claims, we had our very own Connie Wang put it to the test. Is this mask really a miracle worker? Watch and find out!
Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Mask, $75, available at Grand Central Beauty.

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