These Are The Best Bowl Recipes On Pinterest

When you're feeling tired of wraps, sandwiches, rolls, and just plain plates — there's no better fix than a comforting bowl. And we're not talking about the stack of dish ware that's next to your plates in the cupboard; bowls are the latest food trend AND the best way to throw leftovers together for a quick and easy meal. Just grab a spoon or a fork (or a spork!) and enjoy.

Any one of your favorite meals can be turned into a next-level bowl recipe. Get started with some of the top-pinned ideas on Pinterest, below.
Sometimes sushi just isn't enough — that's where this bowl comes in.

2. Buddha Bowl
Curious as to what a Buddha Bowl entails? We can confirm that crispy chickpeas are involved.

3. Grain Bowl With Spinach & Feta Pesto
Spinach and feta pesto make this bowl a delicious meal.

4. Quinoa Burrito Bowl
All that great burrito flavor in a healthier vessel.

5. Spicy Fish Taco Bowl
Toss the tortillas and turn your typical fish tacos into a quinoa bowl.

6. Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl
This meal packs some major flavor.

7. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts & Chicken Quinoa Bowl
Try this classic chicken dinner reimagined.
All green ingredients topped with a fried egg.

9. Greek Goddess Grain Bowl
Turn the classic salad into a heartier dish.

10. Egg Roll Bowl
Now you can bring your Chinese takeout favorite for lunch.

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