Google’s High-Tech Glasses Freak Us The Hell Out

Ahhhhh! Too much too soon. This new video previewing Google's new tech initiative — Project Glass, by name — offers a too-real look into the not-so-distant future of communications, photography, and playing the ukelele.
And by that, we mean the ability to make appointments, book concert tickets, and chat with your adorable, brown-eyed girlfriend without even moving your hands. That's all well and good, but we don't know if we're ready to even consider this total sunrise-to-sunset immersion in tech — personally, we don't want to live in a world where our managing editor can pop into our field of vision at any time, day or night (sorry, Christie). As well, the proposed headgear of Project Glass is a little too Maison Martin Margelia to wear every day. Who's with us here?

Photo: via Google.

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