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The Key To A Long-Lasting Glow Starts With Your Skin-Care Routine — Here’s How

Sometimes, achieving a glowy look can be as simple as swiping some pearly highlighter atop your cheekbones and calling it a day. But to get a glow that can last — and even thrive — after long days spent staring at screens, you'll need to start with your skin-care routine. That means getting to know your specific skin-care needs, seeking out the right ingredients, and personalizing your routine in a way that works for you.
Enter: Drunk Elephant's skin-care smoothie recipes, curated groupings of products meant to be mixed together for maximum benefit and total personalization. Much like you choose ingredients for an actual smoothie based on your body's daily cravings, with these skin-care recipes, you can change up your product pairings each day depending on what your skin needs.
Take it from these two R29ers, who rely on Drunk Elephant's skin-care smoothies to help keep their skin in check during jam-packed days in order to achieve a long-lasting glow. In partnership with Sephora, we asked them to share their personal skin stories and how they get their glow to last all day (and night) long with the help of their skin-care routines, ahead.
Who I am: A social content strategist & Facebook Live host
“As a content strategist, I spend most of my days researching data and analytics from past posts that we’ve published on our social pages. I would say 30% of my week I am on-camera, as well, since I host a Facebook Live series, Career Unfiltered, where I interview different women about their career paths post-college.”
My skin-type is... "Combination, though it does change depending on the season. Since I live in the northeast, my skin definitely takes to the weather and what is going on outside: In the wintertime, my face is dry, so I pack on the creams and oils for moisture; in the spring and summer, I get oilier around my T-zone, so I use lighter products to avoid clogging my pores."
My on-camera beauty look… “Is skin-care forward, and more minimal on the makeup. A lot of the time, since I’m so busy during the workday, I only have about 30 minutes to get ready to go live on camera. I like for my skin to look glowy — not greasy — so I rely on moisturizer for a well-hydrated base, a little concealer here and there for some coverage, and a tinted lip gloss to make everything pop.”
One skin-care regret… “Is picking at my skin when I was younger. In high school, I would get a lot of acne around my cheeks due to a combination of puberty and stress. I was pretty self-conscious about it, so when a pimple would pop up, I would want to get rid of it right away. This led to some scarring and hyperpigmentation, which I’ve recently gone to a dermatologist to help address.”
To deal with hyperpigmentation... “I seek out products with brightening ingredients, like vitamin C. Recently, I have been loving Drunk Elephant’s C for Yourself Smoothie Recipe for helping make my skin appear brighter, clearer, and firmer. The C-Firma Day Serum helps brighten my skin, the Protini Peptide Cream works to improve my skin’s tone and texture, and the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil nourishes my skin.”
My morning skin-care routine… “Is quick, only about 10 minutes, because I'm running on a tight schedule and need to prioritize convenience. With my Drunk Elephant smoothie, I love that I am able to take three products, mix them together, and slap it on my face and be done with it — all while still caring for my skin. Especially with The Littles Set* [a collection of best-selling Drunk Elephant products in mini, trial-size], I love how I'm able to mix and match different products together depending on what my skin's craving in that moment.”
My self-care moment: “I spend a lot more time on my skin-care routine before I go to bed. For me, it’s therapeutic. I’ll put on a cooling gel eye mask, massage my products in with a jade roller around my eye area or with my knuckles around my jawline. After a long day looking at screens, my skin-care routine is how I calm myself down and treat myself before bed. It’s the little things like that that bring me back.”
*Drunk Elephant minis only available as part of The Littles Set and cannot be purchased individually.
Who I am: A beauty editor & Twitch streamer
“As a beauty editor, I'm testing out new makeup and skin-care launches during the day to stay on top of the latest beauty trends. At night, I'm streaming video games on Twitch for hours on end (my quarantine-hobby-turned-total-obsession), so I need my skin-care routine to help combat dullness and strengthen my skin after late nights."
My skin type is… “Normal to dry. My main skin-care priorities have always been keeping my skin well hydrated, protecting my skin from environmental factors, and giving it the occasional fresh reset with gentle exfoliation."
My a.m. skin-care routine... “Is pretty minimal, with a focus on sun protection. I'm Irish (and have the pale complexion to prove it), so I use a physical sunblock on my face every morning to protect my skin. After splashing my face with water and applying a lightweight moisturizer, I top it all off with the Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30, a physical sunscreen that fends off UV rays with a lightweight formula that still blends right in."
My streaming beauty look is… “Constantly changing. One night, I'll go all-out with tons of blush and winged liquid eyeliner, and the next, I’ll keep it simple with a low-coverage, no-makeup makeup look. I typically stream anywhere up to four or five hours at a time (with no time for touch-ups during), so I rely on my skin-care routine to provide that luminous base I can rely on no matter what kind of makeup I wear."
My p.m. skin-care ritual: “As soon as I hit the "Stop Streaming" button, it's a race to bed for me — so I need a routine that is simultaneously fast and effective. After melting away any makeup with a cleansing balm, I mix together and apply Drunk Elephant's Own Your Power Smoothie Recipe — or as I like to call it, the “OP” smoothie (a gaming term used to describe a character or ability that is significantly more powerful than its competitors) — to strengthen and nourish my skin, stat."
Why it works for me: "It's a dream-team lineup: The Resurf Serum combats dullness with peptides and gently exfoliating lactic acid; the B-Hydra Serum provides (and retains) moisture thanks to natural antioxidants, and the Protini Cream strengthens and restores firmness courtesy of protein-forming peptides. Not to mention, the pure convenience of mixing all the products together means I actually stick to it."
My self-care moment: "I recently moved to a new apartment with a little garden in the backyard. Between writing stories all day on my laptop then staring at my monitor all night, I always make sure to carve out fifteen minutes every day to get outside and water my flowers, trim any dead plants, and sweep away fallen leaves. It's my favorite ritual to help me feel instantly present. I tend to find that when my mind is calm, so is my skin."

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