Is Gentleman Norman The Poor Man’s Boo?

As much as we crave a shiny-new carryall or flip for discounted duds, our one true weakness in life will always be cute-as-a-button canines (um, here’s proof). And one standout pooch that steals our hearts on the reg is the poufy, Bay Area-based Pomeranian Boo. Well, Boo better make room, because there’s another pup claiming a slice of his turf (ruh-roh!). Enter, Gentleman Norman.
This dapper, Boo semi-doppelgänger doesn’t sport “silly costumes and cutesy sunglasses” (fighting words!), but instead opts for golf shirts and bowties. While some might say he's actually the poor man's Boo, Gentleman Norman is claiming he's here to educate peeps on masculinity. Hmm, not sure how that one works. But, apparently Gentleman Norman has just released a tome titled How To Be A Man, in which he divvies out grooming and etiquette tips. The pup is currently touring Neiman Marcus locations and will be rolling through S.F. on July 19, so mark your calendars.
We’re all for welcoming another furry, irresistible pup into our lives, but we’re not sure how Norman stacks up to Boo’s out-of-this-world cuteness. Is he just as loveable or a straight-up knock off? Commenters, we'll let you duke it out!

Photo: Via Boo/Facebook and Gentleman Norman/Facebook

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