Gel Manicures: The Dry Erase Boards Of Nail Art

We straight up dig a good manicure around here — not only do we like to do it ourselves, but we like to ogle other peoples' strokes of nail-art genius as well. So, the concept of a low-maintenance, flawless-for-weeks manicure was something that we were pretty "meh" about. Let's be honest here, we see every polish chip as an opportunity to chill out, change colors, and treat ourselves to some much-needed downtime. A gel manicure would keep us in the same color — and away from our chill time — for almost a month! Cost-benefit analysis, people.
However, our friends over at The Hairpin pointed out a sweet, sweet advantage to semi-permanent polish: Since you can't remove it without the help of a professional, it makes for a fabulous base for your own nail art. Even better, if you mess up your DIY, you've got ten little dry-erase boards at your disposal that you can touch up without destroying your original shade. Okay...we're suddenly sold. (TheHairpin)
Photographed by Tracy Wang

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