Moisturizers That Won’t Drive Your Skin Crazy

Every summer has its tipping point, that moment when we go from being joyfully elated at the feeling of the warm sun on our skin to muttering obscenities at the air because it's just so effing hot out there. We call that the Slip 'n' Slide Moment, because the humid, muggy air causes everything you put on your face to slide right off the minute you leave the comfort of your air conditioning.
It's already hard enough to keep makeup on your face on a good day, but on a Slip 'n' Slide day, it's downright impossible. Not helping matters? Your heavy face cream, which, at this point, doesn't feel like it's even being absorbed by your skin. It just sits there, laughing at you and your streaky mascara.
But, it doesn't have to be that way. The secret to keeping your face hydrated, your makeup from melting, and your skin from feeling like it's suffocating? Gel creams. These quenching, gel-texture creams are light as air and sink immediately into the skin. So, no more feeling like you're wearing a goopy face mask in the scorching summer heat.
Ahead, 16 of the best gel moisturizers, including some new and some old favorites, to keep your complexion feeling and looking fresh. That's right, humidity — it's all over now.

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