Garance Doré Had A Terrible Time In Miami, We Apologize

We adore Garance Doré. Both she and her boyfriend, Scott Schuman (a.k.a. The Sartorialist), both blog with such personality and style that their knack for aesthetics clearly shines through in all of their posts. Of course, we wanted her to think equally highly of our beautiful city, but alas, with the heat, hotel wrangling, and a, uh, "house festival" (her words), Miami can really get the best of you. From her blog post titled “Miami Vice," we read about her slightly terrifying experience vacationing here during Ultra weekend. First she ruined her favorite pair of jeans. Then she was assailed by "I'm In Miami Bitch!" shirts (so no street style). And to top it off, after an outdoor yoga session turns her into a tomato, she gets sick. Welcome to Miami, Garance...
While she wrote a follow-up post highlighting the shimmers in the darkness of what appeared to be the majority of her vacation, we still insist she return during a more opportune time for stylish R&R (although sightings of cheesy tourist tees are unfortunately pretty much unavoidable). So, from the bottom of our hearts, Garance Doré, will you please return to the Magic City? We'll show you the loveliest of sojourns, under the guidance of true locals. We promise you won't get sunburned.

Photos: Via Garance Doré

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