Where Can You See Game Of Thrones Finale MVP Robin Arryn Next?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There were a lot of surprises in the Game of Thrones series finale. Bran became King of the Six Kingdoms after warg-ing out for years. Sansa found her rightful place as Queen of the North. Arya set sail to discover whatever's west of Westeros. Tyrion somehow talked himself out of death yet again. But, most fans didn't expect to see Lord Robin Arryn, aka that kid who breastfed way after he outgrew diapers, grow up to be, well, hot.
Robin, played by 18-year-old Brazilian actor Lino Facioli, reappeared in the series finale as one of the elite Lords and Ladies tasked with determining the future of Westeros — and at a first glance, you might not have been able to recognize him. No longer the awkward pre-teen, Lord Robin Arryn sat amongst his peers confidently as hell, knowing full well that he was about to invoke dozens of thirsty responses (hold the breast milk; we'll just gawk at his transformation, thanks).
In case you missed his appearance, here he is in his dapper glory.
Fans couldn't get enough.
"Robin Arryn got himself a Jonas Brothers haircut and looks like he's about to start the most popular boy band in Westeros," one person tweeted.
"Robin Arryn straight up longbottomed us," wrote another, alluding to Neville Longbottom actor Matthew Lewis' glowup.
With so many people sitting on the unofficial Game of Thrones watchdog committee (consider them the Night's Watch of all things GoT), how could we have missed this buzz-worthy change? Well, it's probably because Facioli hadn't been doing much at all to stay in the public eye. According to his IMDb page, the last project he worked on was a short called Isha. After some additional sleuthing, it seems that Facioli has focused theater productions, such as To Drone in the Rain, his artwork, and taking pictures next to cereal boxes that have his name printed on them.
That all may change, though, after his viral GoT finale moment. For now, it seems that Facioli's new job requirements are posting thirst traps on his Instagram account, which now boasts more than 28,000 followers (his follower count sat at just around 7,000 on Sunday night, according to Vulture). Below are just a couple of the gems you'll find on Facioli's page, beginning with him holding the luckiest construction cone over his shoulder.
Jealous of the cone? Now, look at this pic of Facioli playing with a dog while surrounded by chickens.
Will Facioli's rekindled fame lead to any new roles? Who knows. At the very least, he's gotten tens of thousands of new fans and has potential for future sponsorship deals (looking at you, Lino cereal).

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