Finally, Some Political Ads We Can Really Get Behind

Political innuendo comes with the territory, when you're having a conversation around these parts — especially these days. But sometimes, we'll admit we start to feel the partisan overload. Seriously, doesn't it feel like you can barely turn on the TV without a barrage of negative campaign ads (albeit, flying by in fast-forward — thanks DVR)?
So, with our sanity in mind, the team over at Mother Jones decided to ease the tension with a new kind of Super-PAC. Enter the Game of Thrones attack ad — thanks to an insider connection, the site professionally produced three different political commercials, starring none other than the residents of Westeros themselves. Themes include such hilariousness as "Wrong for the dragons, wrong for the realm," and "Joffrey Baratheon: Where is the birth certificate?" Click through to check them out in their entirety and seek the higher throne. (Boing Boing)
Photo: Via Boing Boing

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