Wine Memes To Make Every Type Of Wine Lover LOL On National Drink Wine Day

Ah, wine. So many of us are big fans of the beverage. Despite its widespread appeal, however, there are many different ways to love it.
Some people take the art of winemaking and tasting super seriously. They know all the different types of grapes, frequently throw out terms like tannins and terroir, and never take a sip of wine without first swirling their glasses a bit. Others are much more casual lovers of the drink. They prefer twist-off caps, never waste time letting the beverage breathe, and red or white is as specific as they get when identifying wine types. Then, there are those people that fall somewhere in between.
There may be many drastically different ways to love wine, but there's also plenty of wine to go around. The sommelier and the wine-os can all unite over this shared obsession. In honor of National Wine Day, which just so happens to be today, we've compiled several wine memes that will appeal to all the many different kinds of wine lovers.

For those that don't want pretension with their wine:

For those whose one true love is wine:

For those who look for any excuse to drink a little wine:

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For those who like to get creative with their wine:

For self-proclaimed wine experts:

And, for when there's nothing but wine:

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