13 Relatable Relationship Memes To Send To Bae Right Now

Sometimes, finding the perfect meme to send to your significant other is way more intimate than a random text to say what's up, or even a well-crafted sext. At the risk of sounding extremely millennial, sending and receiving memes makes it feel like you have a secret language, or at least have a similar sense of humor. While there are tons of perfect memes about being single (like this one), relationship memes are their own brand of hysterical.
Some memes that are so relatable they'll make you feel like someone crawled inside your brain and read your deepest, darkest thoughts. Others will make you burst out laughing at your desk. The good ones capture nuances of your relationship that you never considered before. And then there's a whole sub-category of relationship memes that are so wholesome they're ironic.
Ahead are some of the funniest memes that you should DM to your partner immediately. Whether you've defined the relationship, just started dating, or have been together for a while, you're going to want to smash that share button.

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