What Online Dating Is REALLY Like For Women

This month, we've heard a lot of compelling stories about love. But, what struck us about online-dating tales in particular is how extreme they can be. It seems like you either go on the worst date of your life or tumble into a love-at-first-sight situation. What about the in-between? What about the politics of what to put in a profile? The awkwardness of getting matched with someone you know? For women, looking for a partner online is an intense and sometimes completely weird experience. Here, we've attempted to capture that uncomfortable — and often hilarious — adventure.

Written by Vanessa Golembewski and Christopher Michael Beer; Directed & Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Produced by Isabel Cafaro; Shot by Kenny Wu; Sound by Max Phillips.

Starring: Vanessa Golembewski, Joe Phillips, Alex Granito, Darin Bresnitz, Ben Wilson, Jo Young, Christopher Michael Beer, Samantha Yu, Leeann Duggan, Marin Moore, James Bruffee, Axel Esquite, Darwin Deleon.

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