The Internet List To End All Lists

People on the Internet really like pictures. Pictures of cats, of naked people, of their friends’ lunches. Pictures showing that, as time passes, “child stars” become “hot people.” But, more than that, they love lists.
There’s a basic human joy in taking the big, chaotic world and gently ordering it into an index — a finite number of objects, two following one and three following two, a gentle cadence until you arrive at the expected end.
And 2014 was a banner year for lists. We took our world and we trimmed it into 14 or 16 salient points and we published those points. We posted those published points on our Facebook walls and our friends clicked “like”!
To celebrate that great human achievement, we found our favorite Internet lists and…listed them! Ahead, the first annual Refinery29 list of lists, or 15 things you loved about the Internet this year. (We know, meta.)

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