The Secret Ingredient That Will Make Your Salads Next-Level

The Wiggles said it best: “Fruit salad, yummy yummy” — and we couldn’t agree more. With spring in full swing and summer just around corner, fruit salad season is finally here. Refreshing, crisp, and oh-so-delicious, fruit salads are the perfect answer to your winter veggie-rut. The options are endless (and tasty).

Looking for some major spring-to-summer-salad-making inspiration? Check out a few of the best fruit salad recipes on Pinterest below!
Sweet scoops of cantaloupe combined with savory mozzarella and prosciutto equals fruit salad brilliance.

2. Berry Feta Salad
Creamy feta and tart berries make a killer combo.

3. Fresh Fig and Arugula Salad
Fresh figs are summertime's fruit mascot, and the perfect addition to any salad situation.

4. Grilled Watermelon, Feta, and Basil Salad
Try grilling your watermelon to enhance its sweet and juicy flavor.

5. Very Berry Cheesecake Salad
Although this fruit salad strays away from leafy greens, its deliciousness cannot be denied. Berry cheesecake salad? Yes, please.

6. Pomegranate, Pear, and Pecan Salad
Tart and crunchy pom seeds perfectly compliment sweet and crispy pear slices.

7. Grilled Cherry, Blueberry, Goat Cheese, and Candied Hazelnut Salad
Try throwing your cherries on the BBQ.

8. Watermelon, Strawberry, and Tomatillo Salad
For those hot summer days ahead, turn to this refreshing recipe.

9. Summer Peach Caprese Salad
Swap out those tomato slices for juicy peaches in this fruity take on a caprese.

10. Honey Lime Quinoa Fruit Salad
Quinoa gives this delectable fruit salad a subtle protein boost.

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