This Glitter-Laced Braid Is Perfect For Grammys Night

When you're in a beauty rut, it's a little like looking in your closet and seeing absolutely nothing to wear. Sure, you have the bones to create a killer look — a bold liner here, a bottle of texture spray there — but sometimes you just need a boost of inspiration. That's why we created Short Cuts, a series of quick, easy-to-follow videos meant to educate and excite the beauty nerds in all of us. Whether you're looking to learn something new or to refresh your current routine, there's a Short Cut for you.
There's no shortage of ways to wear a braid — tight or loose, messy or neat, up or down — but adorning it with a hit of glitter might be the coolest. Before you sprinkle craft store glitter onto your go-to French plait, though, press play on the video above, because a little strategic painting elevates the look to high-fashion proportions.
Check out our easy tutorial above, then scroll down for the full breakdown.
Step 1: Divide the front half of hair into three sections like you see in the video above.
Step 2: Starting with one side section, twist the hair away from your face and secure with an elastic, then braid the length and secure with a second elastic.
Step 3: Repeat on the next two sections, alternating the type of braid between fishtail, classic three-strand, and French.
Step 4: Gently pull the braids apart with your fingers to loosen them.
Step 5: Using a small, clean makeup brush, paint glitter onto just the mid-sections of the middle braid. We like this formula, but any hair glitter will work.
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