4 Proven Tips For The Most Relaxing Vacation Ever

Photo Courtesy Of: W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island
All work and no play makes you a dull, stressed, and tired (albeit fabulous) woman. It’s time to find your place in the sun! This summer, we’re teaming up with mindbodygreen to give one lucky winner a three-night getaway for two at the luxurious W Retreat & Spa in Vieques, Puerto Rico. You’ll get there on a $500 flight credit, unwind with a 50-minute massage, and then choose your own adventure. While you're in paradise, we want you to enjoy every minute. Enter to win here and keep reading for expert advice for truly getting away from it all.

Leave Your Laptop At Home
Expedia’s 2013 Vacation Deprivation study found that 76% of Americans check email and voicemail during vacation. Yes, you’re popular and important. Your co-workers, clients, friends, and family will understand if you unplug for some R&R — and you’ll be more productive when you get back, too. Set up an out-of-office message and peace out.

Think Slow, Yo, Instead Of #YOLO
Wherever you go, there you are. People who live and die by a to-do list often overextend themselves in their downtime. “By moving, speaking, and acting quickly, we set the tone for our own stress,” says certified intuitive life coach Donnalynn Civello, author of Life Lessons: Everything You Ever Wished You Learned in Kindergarten. “You can’t force decompression, but you can make the choice to slow down and be present while still planning some activities.” One upside: Time seems to expand when you’re mindful, so your vacation will feel longer.  
Buy Experiences, Not Stuff
Finding the perfect souvenir might give you a short-lived thrill, but experiences are a better investment in long-term happiness. Cornell University research partly attributes this to the fact that “experiential purchases are more associated with identity, connection, and social behavior.” Vacation is the perfect time to pursue activities you already enjoy — or try something completely different. Think: ziplining, sampling local cuisine, or conversing in a foreign language. “New experiences force us to live in the moment,” adds Civello. “Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t always relaxing, but it shifts your perspective.”

Ease Back Into Reality

To avoid feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation, give yourself at least a day between coming home and returning to work. (This is especially important if you’ve been getting your groove back outside your normal time zone.) Catch up on sleep, unpack, share your best selfies… Most importantly, try to be more present in your everyday life. You may have left the beach — or wherever your travels took you — but you’ll always have mindfulness. 

Ready to relax? We’ve got tickets to paradise — and you and your favorite person deserve ‘em! Enter here for a chance to win three nights in gorgeous Vieques, Puerto Rico!          

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