Fragrances For Different Times Of The Day? Yes, That’s A Thing

Did you know that your senses change throughout the day? Or that the cold weather affects your sense of smell? Imagine if the perfume you spritzed in the morning was customized to awaken your senses and get you energized to seize the day.
Well, if you're getting excited by the idea of sensory customized scents, then we've got a treat for you. Lisa Hoffman Beauty Variations is a collection of fragrances tailored to the different phases of your day. Trying to kick your coffee habit? Try on Hoffman's Japanese Agarwood. The morning version is laced with citrus; known to stimulate the trigeminal nerve (the same nerve that makes you tear up when cutting an onion). Kicking your trigeminal into high gear causes you to be more awake and alert. Also included are scents to get you in the mood for after work hang-outs and even a scent for easing you to sleep. Would you indulge in 4 different scents throughout the day, or do you think you'll end up resembling a bag of potpurri (You Beauty).

Photo via You Beauty

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