The Skin-Care Routines Of Ex-Beauty Editors

Every job has its perks. Facebook is the gold standard for epic snacks. Netflix offers one whole year of maternity and paternity leave to new parents. Beauty editors get free moisturizer. (And we're wildly jealous of food editors and their wine deliveries, so it's all relative.)
We won't pretend there's a real downside to being buried under bags of new products, but know this: There's a lot of useless, gimmicky, and flat-out gross stuff to sort through. Stuff that breaks us out, assaults our noses, and leaves us oily and sticky. That's why when an editor finally lands on the perfect SPF or retinol, they don't let it go — even when they leave the biz and have to (gasp!) use their credit card at Sephora.
Ahead, four former beauty editors who have tried just about everything share the skin-care products that have earned a permanent place in their (now far less cluttered) medicine cabinets.

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