5 Designs That Prove, Yes, Nail Art CAN Be Formal

Black-tie events, weddings, and New Year's Eve are all massive opportunities to up your style game. And, yet, so often we show up to these high-style events with simple, underwhelming nails. Enough. We've declared this is the year nail art goes formal. So, for the final hurdle of our fantastic Nail Art Nation contest, we’re challenging our contestants to bring nail art into the world of formal, red-carpet-worthy fashion! Can they use their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create innovative looks appropriate for weddings, New Year's Eve bashes, or other black-tie events? Our money’s on “yes.”
It's a daunting prospect, but the one who hits the mark will be the front-runner for the grand prize — a starring role in their own Refinery29 nail-art tutorial filmed right here at our HQ?
Want to see if anyone pulled it off? Well, you're going to have to visit the Nail Art Nation for that. Click ahead, because it's showtime!