The Shocking Truth Behind Trendy Eats

Thanks to the ever-changing trends in today's food-driven culture, we know how fast something can go from ordinary to hip and vice-versa. Exo is a startup trying to transform the way America views crickets by introducing protein bars made with cricket flour. Despite the fact that other cultures can't get enough of the sustainable food source, the U.S. has yet to really warm up to the idea.
When founders Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis came to Refinery29 to give a presentation, we were amazed to discover how many of the foods we consume on a regular basis had to undergo major marketing shifts before they were accepted. The real reasons behind our love for some of the big-ticket, luxury, or even everyday foods we indulge in today can be seriously surprising. In fact, many old-world underdogs of the industry went through a transformation from reviled to revered.
So, we asked Exo to roundup some of their favorite examples of this fascinating phenomenon. Ahead, check out the secret histories behind some of our favorite foods and find out why some of today's most popular eats didn't exactly start out that way.

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