How Many Of These Vintage Food Logos Do You Recognize?

You may not think too much about the logos on your favorite food products when you reach for them at the store. Sure, you know Starbucks cups feature the Siren — but you'll be shocked at how different the logo looked in 1971. And when The Hershey Company unveiled a new logo in 2014, people were quick to note that the newly designed Hershey Kiss resembles a certain emoji. Other companies' logo changes have been even more drastic. When Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded in 1952, the brand's logo featured the full restaurant name, along with an image of Col. Harland Sanders. The company now goes by KFC, and its current logo still features Sanders' face. Some companies, like Mr. Coffee, change their logos to appeal to younger customer bases. Others rebrand because of corporate changes — for example, Honest Tea's logo changed after Coca-Cola acquired the brand. Click through to see some of the most noteworthy logo changes over the years.

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