20 New Instagram Food Memes — Are You Guilty?

My Chinese friends have a saying. "The camera eats first," they declare as they snap iPhone photos of perfectly plated meals. Everyone knows that Instagram loves a good food shot even more than it loves a mini-Beyoncé #tbt, but foodgrams have come a long way since teetering stacks of macarons and hot-dog legs.
Ahead, we found the 20 new types of food pics you'll see on the 'gram. From rustic brunchscapes and prettily portioned snacks to green-juice detoxes and doughnut-filled retoxes, these are the new memes that'll get your tummy rumbling. Hope you had a good lunch.
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Photo: Via @evachen212.
The $10,000 Taco
We usually accessorize our fish tacos with a pint of Cholula, but a Chanel tweed bag and Balenciaga sunglasses work, too.
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Photo: Via @margaret__zhang.
Treats Organized Neatly
Yes, this photo is meant to make you shame-clean your pile of tattered Kit Kat wrappers.
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Photo: Via @_luluchang.
The Perfect Portion
To drink? Just some hot water and lemon, please.
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Photo: Via @refinery29.
The Rustic Brunchscape
Bet you a basket of rosemary fries and an elderflower mimosa you're a Kinfolk subscriber.
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Photo: Via @chiaraferragni.
The Look Of Love
Chocolate lovers: They look way less like Cathy these days.
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Photo: Via @pieraluisa.
The Martha Stewart
Making you ashamed to Instagram your lowly Baked By Melissas since 2010.
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Photo: Via @margaret__zhang.
The Coffees 'n' Computers
A far more pleasing vision of the freelance life than an undersocialized person obsessively refreshing Mediabistro's job site.
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Photo: Via @whatiwore.
The Retox
Most often posted immediately after a hashtag-filled diet challenge, these pile-o'-sweets photos say one thing loud and clear: Seriously, guys, screw Whole30.
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Photo: Via @troprouge.
The All You Can Eat
Shrimp on lobster on oysters on clams! Don't even consider 'gramming your seafood meal unless it contains a David Attenborough-approved level of biodiversity.
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Photo: Via @borninflames.
The Normcore
We eat depressing, hydrogenated oils, just like you!
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Photo: Via @white_lightning.
The Vacay Brag
Oh, you know, just grilled up some red snapper and plantains on the beach and served 'em up on palm fronds. How's your Le Pain Quotidien egg salad, though?
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Photo: Via @joy_adaeze.
The Healthie
A common variant of the selfie, featuring a 'grammer engaged in conspicuously healthful behavior. See also: post-gym hair pics, overnight oats, bento boxes full of quinoa, homemade nut milk in a Mason jar.
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Photo: Via @pieraluisa.
The Fruit Face
'Grammers love to replace eyes with all manner of round food, from cookies to cronuts to oranges (bringing a whole new meaning to the Valencia filter).
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Photo: Via @yokoogibraan.
The Next-Level Latte Art
Because Instagram needs another latte-foam bunny like it needs more Anthro-obsessed #OOTDers.
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Photo: Via @dapperlou.
The Overhead Cornucopia
From way up here, you can hardly hear the apple hawkers holler.
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Photo: Via @theglamourai.
The Classily-Plated Puddle Of Goo
According to the 'grammer, this is a five-course dessert, so apparently one amorphous blob equals a course now.
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Photo: Via @real_kate_foley.
The Haute Whole Foods
Coco really had a way with champignons, non?
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Photo: Via @caradelevingne.
The yes, I Did Eat That
Contrary to popular belief, not all Insta-carbs are for show. Some of them get stuffed right into the cheeks of top models. Whether they actually get swallowed is anyone's guess.
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Photo: Via @annabelaly.
The Fast Food Minimaliste
Because you are, first and foremost, an aesthete, even when slam-nomming a Sofrito Bowl.

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