STOP Throwing Out These Foods

This story was originally published on February 17, 2017.
There's a reason that meal subscription boxes are so popular right now. Not only do they promise to do your grocery shopping and meal planning for you, they also promises no food waste. (Although their packaging waste is a whole other story.) Who hasn't done all the grocery shopping for a new, fun recipe...only to realize there are a ton of extra herbs, unused stock, or pricey, single purpose-bought nuts that languish forever in the fridge or pantry till there's nothing to do but throw them away.
One solution, of course, is "freeze it!" But, often, the freezer can become a sort of purgatory where food sits until freezer burn or a fit of KonMari method cleaning claims it. Instead, here are easy hacks that help you both save and eat the foods you're always throwing out.

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