Why You Need To Throw A Fondue Party Right About Now

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
When I was growing up in China, fondue held a certain unattainable luster. It was heavily advertised as a Valentine's Day special at fancy buffets and certain "high-end" ice cream chains (you know, the ones you see on every corner in NYC — in China, those are considered fancy), but the gourmet ritual was costing me a hefty chunk of my allowance. So, for many years, I steered clear of it.

A recent dinner party completely changed that. A friend invited a small group to test her new cast-iron fondue set, which meant we melted all kinds of chocolates and dunked in everything from wafer thins to mini muffins. While our choice of dippers might have been a little odd, there was something uniquely fun and memorable about sitting with friends around a bubbling pot — as if we'd discovered the intimate, indoor version of a bonfire. And, my share of the cost came to less than $15.

If you're thinking of following suit with a DIY fondue soirée, we've got you covered — in melted cheese and chocolate.      

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