8 Floral Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Like Spring

Spring has long been considered the season of new growth, a harbinger of positive change and possibilities, the time of year when everything is born again.
Emerging from the safety of your bedroom after a long winter can feel a bit like being resurrected (like Jesus, on Easter), or resurfacing from the underworld (like Persephone, whose annual return would bring fresh flower blossoms), or at least waking up from a very long sleep: wide-eyed, bewildered, as if you're seeing everything around you for the very first time. Where do you even begin?
Start by shaking the cobwebs out. Take off that turtleneck; you won't be needing it where we're going. Say "what up?" to the sun, and your pasty arms, for the first time in six months. Once that first 65-degree day of the season hits and you exchange your dark winter mood for a sundress and a cocktail at the door, there's no shame in wanting to feel — and smell — like a brighter version of you, one who just sprung headfirst from a bouquet or rolled in a field of poppies.
These seven different floral fragrances, which smell like a Super Bloom with every spritz, will help you do just that. Isn't it wonderful, out here in the world?
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