Flash Facials: The Skin-Care Secret Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know

The number-one rule of getting a facial? Never do it right before a big event. Thanks to extractions, microdermabrasion, and the use of skin-irritating acids that are common in most pro treatments, it’s easy to emerge looking blotchy, inflamed, and with a greasy hairline rather than fresh-faced and party-ready.
Well, consider that old rule of thumb passé. Because today’s skin experts have found a way to condense the skin-illuminating results of a facial into a quick treatment that doesn't involve all the poking, steaming, and agitation. You can emerge radiant and camera-ready after mere minutes — no hours at the spa or crazy-expensive lasers required. It's called a flash facial, and it’s how models and celebs create instantly radiant skin before their biggest events.
Designed as a 10-minute pick-me-up for dull and dehydrated complexions, a flash facial emphasizes cocktailing expertly combined products that put active ingredients into overdrive. The result is brightened, de-puffed, and glowing skin in mere minutes. We spied the technique used on models backstage at the resort collections, and the whole concept of complexion CPR appealed to our inner lazy girls. Whether it's in flight or part of the pre-date dash, there are plenty of off-the-runway scenarios when this technique could come in handy.
So we rounded up some of fashion and Hollywood’s best dermatologists and aestheticians to provide real-girl guidance on how we can supercharge our complexions before a major event — or, let’s be real, after a written-on-our-face hangover — by creatively using skin-care supplies that we already have in our bathrooms.
Read on to learn exactly how to do this skin shortcut at home.

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