These Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes Will Save Your Weeknights

What's the last thing we want to do after a long day at the office, other than commute or go to the gym? Come home and prep a dozen different ingredients for one measly meal. But lucky for us, there are culinary masterminds out there who also share in our lack of energy for multitasking on a Monday night — and so they've invented the perfect solution: five-ingredient recipes. Four ingredients may be too little, and six one too many, but five? Five is just right. It's the magic number that's enough to get some good flavor profiles going and so little that you won't be sous chef-ing your life away while that new episode of The Bachelor waits in vain.

And thanks to Philia Kelnhofer's brilliant cookbook, Fast & Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes: A Cookbook For Busy People, we've rounded up eight winning fivers for all your weeknight needs. Lasagnas, tacos, and even some dessert options, these fast and easy recipes have it all (including time for tuning into Nick Viall's latest crying clip).

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