The Easiest Way To Crush Your Workout

Some days it's just too hard to get to the gym — no matter how much you want to. Meetings and after-work activities take up precious time, but that doesn't mean you can't work out. Consider turning every step you take into daily exercise. If you use Fitbit to count each left-right, the whole thing can actually be a fun game.
Ten thousand steps is the number recommended by the National Institute of Health to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart attack. That may sound like a lot, but the average city block is about 200 steps. With some planning and a little bit of record keeping — we recommend Fitbit's companion app that's available through the Windows Store — you can hit your mark without, you know, actually hitting the gym.

1. Incorporate walking into your morning commute — 1,100 steps.
Whether this means walking to work, getting off the train a few stops early, or parking your car farther away, this is a great way to rack up those steps, fast.

2. Actually take your lunch break — 3,100 steps.
Instead of ordering in again, put on your coat and go for a brisk walk to the farthest Chipotle.

3. Walk around the office whenever possible — 800 steps.
Some of these steps — bathroom breaks and kitchen trips — are going to happen no matter what. But, challenge yourself to stand more and move more. Stuck on a thought? Do a lap. Need to talk to someone who's in hurry? Join them for a walk-and-talk, Aaron Sorkin-style.

4. Take the stairs — 500 steps.
You can take the escalator if you want, but don’t just stand there. Walk up that thing! An average flight of stairs is 12 steps, so take the stairs at every opportunity you can.

5. Put on a good podcast and walk all the way home — 4,500 steps.
Cue up a Serial episode, put in your earbuds, and head on home. The fresh air will feel invigorating after a day in the office, plus listening to something interesting will exercise your mind — and distract you from the cold. Advertisement

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