9 Fictional Characters Who Should Not Be Your Financial Role Models

This story was originally published on September 4, 2015.
You know to suspend disbelief when watching certain movies and TV shows about young and beautiful characters living in the big city. There's no way that recent college grad could swing that fancy apartment, but it's more fun watching her entertain her gorgeous friends in a huge loft than a cramped, windowless, roommate-filled, five-story walk-up similar to the one you live in.
But, some people running around in the no-rules economy depicted on screen can't even hack it in that universe; they make the kind of decisions that could be turned into a FreeCreditReport.com ad. There are bad financial role models, and then there are these characters. Always make sure you're taking your pop culture money tips from Jack Donaghy, not Tracy Jordan (or Foxy Moneybags).

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