Finding Love, Coming Out, And Breaking Up

Despite her tough-girl look, Coco was super soft-spoken when she opened up to us about finding, and eventually losing, her first love. She had all of those little, quirky physical defenses people put up when they're trying to find the words to discuss an uncomfortable topic. She looked down and fiddled with her socks and shoelaces. She laughed and looked to the side. What she was telling us about was an incredibly powerful story of love, loss, and coming out of the closet. Coco came out as gay when she started dating her now ex-girlfriend, Christina, whom she met over Tumblr. The two got to know each other by sending each other cute, direct messages, which quickly escalated to talking via Skype or on the phone for hours and hours. The relationship strengthened and developed as Coco traveled to see Christina in New Orleans, where Christina would eventually care for Coco when she was sick. But, as they (and by "they" I mean specifically Robert Frost) say, "nothing gold can stay." The final trip Coco would take to New Orleans would be for a painful, five-day trip so that Christina could end things in person. First love hurts. That's pretty much always the case. But, if Coco's story tells us anything, it's that it also strengthens us individually, teaches us things about who we are, how we are, and why we are in relation to others and to ourselves. And, you know, it might even make for a cute video someday when we've gained enough distance to talk about it. Watch the below for some BTS details and check out the world of Cupidity for more real-life love.

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