Kate Moss And Longchamp Reveal New Bags That Seem Like Old News

Only a week after announcing her collaboration with handbag brand Longchamp, Kate Moss appears in the pages of Vogue Paris to debut the collection which drops on February 11th. The bags are true to Longchamp form, and are simple, classic, wear-everyday sorts of things that don't exactly pack a punch, but are attractive, nonetheless. A brown leather bag with pea-sized grommets are reminiscent of Marc Jacobs handbags from the '90s, but come lined with a zebra print that give off an unfortunate Night at the Roxbury vibe. The other designs fare a bit better, with a pouchette covered in a pebbly, green leather, and a larger clutch in metallic gray that was made specifically to be paired with Kate's dove-gray jeans. Outstanding? No. Hideous? Not that either. But we had hoped that Kate, The Fashion Powerhouse could have churned out something a little more exciting than what we could find at our local consignment shop. (Fashionologie)

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