First Look: Is Angelina Jolie's Directorial Debut Oscar-Worthy?

Hello Monday morning goosebumps: Angelina Jolie's stepping away from the leading roles, going behind-the-scenes with her debut as a writer and director for In The Land Of Blood And Honey, due to premiere this December. The film takes place during the Bosnian War of the '90s, featuring a story line of forbidden and doomed love between opposing sides of the tragedy (ie: We'll be bringing the Kleenex with us). Because we sometimes judge books by their covers and movies by their trailers— we're not condoning, but hey, it happens— we're predicting there will be a tons of buzz come next award season that will have less to do with Brangelina drama and all to do with Jolie. Take two and a half minutes (we promise, it's worth it) to check out the first look of the film and let us know if you get the chills, too.

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