First Look: Can Shoes Or A Dress Really Change the World? Discuss!

Ever thought about the history behind your Doc Martins? Or considered what your wardrobe would look like without the invention of the Little Black Dress? Well, the London Design Museum has and its two new books 50 Shoes That Changed The World and 50 Dresses That Changed the World are due out this November. Filled with juicy pictures and facts about the iconic goods that define our collective wardrobes (who knew that Salvatore Ferragamo first invented cork platform shoes because of a materials shortage after Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia in 1935?), these mini encyclopedias remind us of the origins of our most treasured wares…but did they change history? Well, if you consider the insane genius of Cher's sparkly see-through Bob Mackie Oscar's dress, we're willing to agree.


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