Our First Kiss Stories Are Epic, Awkward, & Plain Ridiculous

If you watch enough teen movies, you might think that all first kisses are romantic, memorable, and aww-worthy. But was anyone else's first kiss totally awkward and embarrassing?
Don't want to share? I'll go first. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in 7th grade, and it was bar and bat mitzvah season. My boyfriend at the time brought me to a secret area of the party venue, and we squatted down behind a ledge. My heart was racing. He leaned in and... the totally awkward and embarrassing thing happened.
Check out the video above to see me and Michael Brown sharing our not-so-romantic (but hilarious — or at least we think so) first kiss stories, and you'll learn what made my experience so cringeworthy. (Spoiler: No, I didn't fart.)

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