6 Braids Christian Grey Should Master, ASAP

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Before Fifty Shades of Grey, many of us never even thought about our hair when we were having sex. Or, if we did, we just tossed it up in any old ratty style, to keep it off our faces. Who needs to bother with a mane when you're in the throes of passion? As anyone who has read the epic BDSM romance will tell you, though, Christian Grey is not only kinky; he's also a braider. Every time he and Anastasia Steele have a romp in the Red Room of Pain, he deftly knots her hair into a plait. Silly us for thinking braids were just a hairstyle — apparently, they're also a lifestyle.

But, for all of the plaiting and weaving that Christian does in the book, his technique is hella sloppy. I mean, what's the point of being blindfolded with a $1,000 tie if you just get your hair tossed into a basic braid? How are we supposed to get excited if our hair is so boring? E.L. James, this is a major plot hole that needs addressing.

Since we aren't ones to complain without suggesting a solution, we decided to do some digging. Ahead, we rounded up six sexy braids that Christian Grey should seriously add to his repertoire. 
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A gentleman who can execute the perfect crown braid? That's our wildest fantasy.
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Hey, if Mr. Grey can secure and fasten the most intricate of bondage knots, what's stopping him from attempting an oversized fishtail?
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Don't worry: If things get a little too heated mid-braid, he can always stop halfway, toss the rest into a messy bun, and get down to business.
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Size matters.
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We dig this one for everyday wear — just a little tease of what's to come.
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For heavier play — and any aerial moments — it's best to keep hair up and out of the way. That's why a good braided bang is essential.
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